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School Picnics Outstation Destinations / Adventure Camps

We have never ending list of destinations and therefore leave it up to you to choose your destinations and we will give you the deal….the best deal, the deal which starts with a positive note and lasts forever in sweet memories.
But, if you are still confused about destination or stuck on options to finalize the final destination, then leave this part also to us. We will provide you with destination options according to your need and budget and after your short listing, we will take it further to make you pack your bags.
So choose your destinations!!!!! And we will make you experience the experience.

Activities at Camps

We organize various activities depending on the age group of children and location you choose for your camp. Some of the activities to keep the group busy are:

    • Trekking
    • Rock climbing
    • Mountain climbing
    • River Crossing
    • Village visits
    • Enjoy bonfire with activities like skit, quiz etc
    • Team building activities

We help develop following qualities while on camp:

    • Building Confidence & Accepting challenges
    • Develop Leadership Value
    • Adaptability
    • Effectual Communication
    • Team Bonding
    • Discover Fun when Learn

Why choose us:

Below are few facts which differentiate us from others:

    • The most important part in a successful excursion is safety of children. Our experience and professional approach in school excursions/ adventure camps helps us to achieve such high standards in safety.
    • We keep group size small so that it is easy to control and supervise the group and thus keeping the excursion safe.
    • We provide quality services like good accommodation, transportation, meals, etc so that children are comfortable all the time and do not think twice whenever there is plan for next school trip.
    • You will find us unbeatable when it comes to pricing and standards.
    • And you will experience a lot good after choosing us; this is our guarantee to you.